Best new golf course of 2018

Best new golf course of 2018: Mammoth Dunes at Sand Valley, Planting your stick on the first tee of a great new course is like waking up in the morning of Christmas.

Best new golf course of 2018

You may have some ideas about the gifts that are waiting for, but the surprise is half the fun. When each hole opens, it is like unwrapping a gift at a time. Each hole, and of course, is different, and that’s what makes it so exciting. As the calendar year ends, will launch its best product when it comes to new courses by 2018. Check out the GOLF December 2018 issue for a full lineup.

  • On tee: The best new course of the year
  • Sand Dunes in Sandy Valley
  • Nekoosa, Wis.
  • 6,935 yards / horizontal 73
  • Website:

Architect David McLay Kidd faces a high order when given the task of creating a second course at the Sand Valley Golf Resort of Central Wisconsin. After all, the song designed by Coore / Crenshaw, Sand Valley, won our Best New Course that you can play in 2017 and ranked 52 in the United States in all courses. . How do you fit or can top that? Easily. You create a test layout for every box – from sand-based setup, special and fun-filled fun for both low and high handicap users, with a lot of memorable strategic vulnerabilities that can not be extended on a regular basis. large tissue.

Best new golf course of 2018

Hewn from the restoration sandpits mottled with native plants and perennials, Mammoth Dunes played as an inland link, with emphasis on ground games. The darts ball is here and there, and it depends on the player (and perhaps his caddy, in this walk-only course) to solve the current line puzzle. The wide paths allow the player to choose their own path to the goal, amidst the vast expanses of open sand and huge green trees. While the landing areas are very wide, finding the best corner supply for green is paramount.

The movie skyrocketed at a 332-yard, par-4 Friday, which wows with a giant short and right sand feature, and a horseshoe-shaped green. The moment the top postcard arrives at the shortest hole (90-150 yards), the 13th, lies on a strip of sand 50 feet deep to a narrow land stretching from 50 yards back. Kidd’s current design credibility is to bring maximum joy and minimal disappointment. After what you have achieved in Sand Valley, this is your look, Kidd.