Choose a sedan or SUV of Mercedes-Benz?

Mercedes-Benz is always a worthy brand to buy and admire. However, the choice between models is really difficult.

Why? There are simply too many cars in Mercedes-Benz, and each has three different vehicles of different types and capacities. So you will be overwhelmed not even know what you are doing.

But this article will not cover the comparison of two cars in a Mercedes-Benz car line. Which we will talk about the two most popular cars are SUVs and sedans.

Why choose a Mercedes sedan?

Why choose a Mercedes sedan?

The first is the level. Going sedan is always more class than SUV is definitely like. Do you see a director who runs an SUV? All are hired to finish the ride and sit behind him.

Class is like that, but the Mercedes Benz sedan is cheaper than the SUV. And almost every other brand is like that. But you are less faced with the situation than money.

Take the sedan is extremely quiet, because the car is lower than the SUV. If you have ever experienced the test drive of Mercedes Benz, you will find it so smooth. When running in Comfort mode, it’s just like walking on the road.

The sedan is smaller than the SUV and you can easily juggle and move more, especially in street conditions. A Mercedes Benz sedan that you should refer to is the Mercedes C250. The C250 is the smallest C-Class sedan in the Mercedes Benz family, with full and affordable pricing compared to other models.

What about the SUV?

What about the SUV?

When referring to Sedan, the SUV has many disadvantages. Which is more expensive, which is bigger than this, and then difficult to drive, moving in the narrow streets again.

But in return, an SUV can carry up to seven people. Sedan can put 7 adults into the car. It can carry many people and even more. If you do not have to carry many people, you can completely fold the last row of seats and a large space is opened.

Sedan has gone Off-road okay, SUV was born is to go off-road. Rugged, slippery sidewalks are easily conquered by SUVs. This is due to its high performance and chassis design. The sedan that enters the muddy road that stuck.

Not to mention the suspension developed by Mercedes Benz engineers over the generations. Helping Mom’s SUVs go just as smoothly as a sedan, but it’s hard to achieve. Moderno recommends you the Mercedes GLC 250. The design of this car is extremely strong and sporty. A perfect car considering the power and price compared to other cars in the GLC.

So, should you choose a Mercedes-Benz sedan or SUV? For myself, a married person is more suited to the SUV than the sedan because of its versatility. But if there is money, then surely buy another sedan because it gives the driver the feeling of being extremely excited because the chassis is low. Make the driver closer to the road surface.