Mercedes C63 AMG vs Volkswagen Golf R

They may look very low-key, but these street sleepers are playing very badly.

Mercedes C63 AMG vs Volkswagen Golf R

The perfect family car? For those of us without children – or unhealthy obsession with movies like Drive – they are the perfect vacation vehicle.

Why is it like this? There is plenty of room to plunder valuables, and it is not easy to escape the speed and precision required by law, and it looks subtle enough to make accidental observers feel overwhelmed. “Which car are they in?” “Hey, a blue…”

Which car are they in

Of course, there has been almost no subtlety in AMG’s history; the bold tires and thunderous soundtracks are usually the dishes of the day. And it looks a bit restrained, and the new C63 will of course – forcing rapscallion tendencies.

AMG’s bestseller has joined the performance department’s twin-turbo era in a style; there is a 470-horsepower “getting started” version, but the more powerful C63 S, which uses all its guns here, used in AMG GT S Found a 503bhp 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 wet sump and squared to Lamborghini on the track.

503bhp 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8

Therefore, ruthless tire abuse is more than just a naughty throttle jab. But the best trick for this car is to satisfy its limits – it’s crucial because I’m heading to my amazing circle of exploration of the fast Red Bull ring.

Climbing a 500-horsepower hot rod should be a stupid way to learn the track, but the C63 is very popular. Turn, for beginners. It weighs more than the big brother AMG GT, it can better mimic the feel, it is also very fast and accurate for the 1.7-ton car.

It is always difficult to fill the empty engine compartment left by Mercedes’ 6.2-liter naturally aspirated V8 engine, but the 4.0-liter engine is nearing completion. When the various adjustable modes switch to Comfort, I am sure it will disappear very well, but we are on the F1 track. Once I realize this

C63 won’t sneak me into the cat’s trash can, I have pushed it to the most picky place.

C63 won't sneak me into the cat's trash can

Once completed, the noise is pure blood. It sounds naughty and is shunted around the maintenance access. Go straight for 120 miles between turns 1 and 2? Goonish giggling is involuntary and only exacerbates at Remus’s tight uphill exit. Should you reduce the electronic babysitter…

It is difficult to drive it, and the volume of the C63 will naturally lead to understeer. But its front engine/rear wheel drive layout – just like the car has always been – allows you to solve this problem in such situations, if you feel comfortable, there is a slider at the back that tightens your lines, Turning one by one produces a fast flow around the circuit.

This Germanycar, The C63 sits at the best position between the pointed M3 and the numb RS4. But this description underestimates its unbridled pleasure on the track, shrugging the thick weight, dangling from the corner, and then gently slipping like a thunder on a straight road, these hot rods are easy to slip Into our lives.

This is the majority of the role that Volkswagen has set aside for Golf R, which was knocked out by Volkswagen. Incubate, don’t forget that the 2014 Speed ​​Week is amazing, the fun and interactive way is the fastest golf ever. Plus locomotive body of the Ford Mondeo (Ford Mondeo Estate) – more than 1,620 liters of load compartment, and excessive use of excessive use of phrases such as “the world’s best all-around player,” eventually lavishly.

Golf R

However, we are here to throw cars. After Merc, you will forgive R’s 296 horsepower 2.0 liters

Feeling insignificant. After all, it has half the cylinder, turbine and cubic capacity. But its traffic has also been reduced by a few hundred kilograms. Its torque is transmitted very well and very early, as you would expect from this enhanced engine, it does not accelerate in reverse, and when the manual option for the hatch does not exist, the DSG shift paddles quickly It can make your heart hurt too much. The steering was too light, the synthesized track was a bit dumb, but the real bug stopped there.

After RWD Merc, AWD Golf cast a wide safety net in a very wide range with a lot of grip on both ends. Once the circuit is dry, in fact, it requires a real teenager to get anything other than great traction. A popular mask-style plug is disturbing and eventually reveals the most memorable of my hatchback. Experience the enjoyment of being very enjoyable. I admit that this is a rugged British road, not a silky smooth Austrian track.

It’s still an elegant thing, with almost no false grip and exaggerated speed, it’s less than half the price of the Audi RS6. But I think its talent is now well recognized, and the shocking value of Golf R has inevitably disappeared.

No, this year’s surprise factor belongs to heavy-duty vehicles. It is considered a racing car. AMG is not just a heavy axle. We know that the C63 will be fine, but no one will bet it is great. Drivers at Wannabe Resort have nowhere to go.

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