Mercedes golf car: Garia a luxury star on the golf course

Mercedes golf car – Mercedes-Benz designed vehicles are already seen on water, on land and in the air. It is now also seen at golf courses. Mercedes · Benz · Style · Gaul Golf · Car certainly transfers Mercedes · Benz car design idioms of invisible purity to golf carts of luxury cars as “real sports car”. Show car is the result of Mercedes-Benz designer, Daimler’s Think & Act tank business innovation and cooperation of Garia, a well-known golf cart manufacturer.

Mercedes golf car

The Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Gallia Golf Car defines a new transport class for golf courses. Daimler AG ‘s Gorden Wagener says: “We rebuilt the world of golf carts with the Mercedes-Benz golf car, Mercedes-Benz symbolizes contemporary luxury, golf is a real part of that theme, golf car idioms As it is very natural, we have made sensual and pure products.

Jens Thiemer, vice president of marketing at Mercedes-Benz, says: “Mercedes-Benz style Garia Golf Car offers high-end golf carts that are ideal for sports golfers and sports.” Our communication has a light slogan “real sports car”.

For decades, there was no evolutionary process at all

For decades, there was no evolutionary process at all

In 2013 Mercedes – Benz called for golf and car fans all over the world to submit ideas for the future Mercedes – Benz Golf Cart. Golf has developed into a premium sports with a modern face, but golf carts have hardly changed for decades. Numerous submissions showed the need for a modern golf cart. This meant that the golf cart had to go through a long and progressive evolutionary stage over decades. Using contemporary technology, it is daring as a clear sign of change with the development of the current situation of golf courses with contemporary and sophisticated interpretation of luxury, lifestyle, and practicality according to the needs of golfers. Featuring an intelligent avant-garde design.

Hot and cool – like a Mercedes-Benz car

Hot and cool - like a Mercedes-Benz car

The official foundation of the design of a golf car is exactly the same design idiom that Mercedes · Benz’s design stands out as a definition of contemporary luxury. The purpose of this design idiom is to make a beautiful and intelligent product that is hot and cool.

The best application in the design competition was the start signal to develop a new golf car under the Mercedes · Benz style label. This is a label for Mercedes-Benz style designers to create products for life beyond cars. The technical basis for the development of golf cars was contributed by the golf cart manufacturer Garia. A potential business model was developed by Daimler’s Think & Act Tank Business Innovation. Susanne Hahn, director of Daimler business innovation, explained as follows. “We brought all the relevant project partners around the table.Our designers and golf cart makers Garia are able to sell and produce at a possible pilot stage and we are with our internal and external partners Manage and coordinate various pilot phases.

Abnormal rate

Abnormal rate

The first conceptual stage has already considered that the golf cart needs to have certain characteristics in view of the available space of the golf course. They must be narrow and short, but they must be higher than conventional cars. The front and rear overhangs must be very short, due to the compact overall interior size of the interior. Thanks to the Mercedes-Benz style design know-how, unprecedented unprecedented harmony is achieved. The designer could also integrate the exterior and interior into an official unit.

Sporty and balanced

As a show car, the new Mercedes · Benz · Style · Edition · Gallia · Golf · car immediately looks quite different from the traditional golf cart. The driver and the passenger overlook the large curved windshield. The roof of carbon fiber is different in color and shape from the base vehicle. It is similar to a sporty baseball cap because of short front and rear overhangs. The effect is to make the vehicle appear lower and more sporty.

The sporty impression functions as a golf bag holder and is enhanced by a small rear spoiler which is fully integrated into the overall design as an important feature. And is configured to be able to accommodate two golf bags inclined rearward. With this inclined position, the golf club can be conveniently taken out and exchanged. The carbon fiber diffuser rounds the rear end of the rear hood as a “true sports car” as a light reference against the character of the vehicle. The bench seat is engraved with a charming appearance like a chair and it combines with exterior design to provide a sensual experience.

Another example of intelligent and useful details: There is a refrigerator under the bench seat and the loading tray under the dashboard holds the golf ball side by side. Instrument panel support and passenger side bottle holder provide space for glasses and bottles.

The pedal is another wonderful detail. There is a plus sign on the right pedal, a minus sign on the left, and a reference to Garia. In both practical and attractive ways, thereby demonstrating its function as an accelerator and a brake in these electrically powered vehicles.

It is perfectly networked from tea to green

It is perfectly networked from tea to green

Integrated on-board touchpad with screen diagonal 10.1 inches, high resolution 2560 x 1600 pixels, vehicle information on a smaller upper area such as the remaining range, vehicle speed, current power consumption, or parking brake status graphical It will be displayed in. Many functions can be controlled with finger touch. Driving mode “Sports” or “Eco”, Headlamp, Windshield heater, Wiper and so on.

In the large screen area below this, the occupant can display the layout of the golf course and its current position, and activate the electronic scorecard if necessary. Sophisticated graphic design comes from the latest Mercedes-Benz passenger car.

A hands-free system with a Bluetooth® connection built into the rear roof frame strut and a hi-fi speaker also connects an occupant to the fairway, allowing you to listen to music from smartphones. You can watch weather applications or order drinks to deliver to green. There are plans to make it possible to transfer the contents of the personal smartphone to the touch screen of the golf car. For Internet access.

High quality material and color concept

The stimulation of the contrast between the soft material and the harder material is also typical of Mercedes Benz. Support for the instrument panel has a painted upper section and a lower leather lining. The concept of color and material has exciting and amazing highlights with sporty carbon fiber, sensual wooden interior, high quality bright leather. Carefully finished to high standards, selection of materials will confirm the high quality characteristics of the golf car. Metallic shines elegantly with modern silver shadows. The steering wheel literally makes the contrast of a dramatic material visible: the underlying section, lined with white leather, features a silver clad metal clasp.

Grills with air intake slots enhance intentional mention to the car. It creates an intimate relationship with the Mercedes-Benz radiator grille design, and its golf ball structure makes the vehicle’s purpose clear. Below that, the front section ends with an underbody protection panel, which visually symbolizes that it is suitable for use on the unmetallized surface of the golf course.

A 5-spoke wheel with a high twin / twin flange and black paint surface similarly reminds me of the dynamism the Mercedes-Benz passenger car is known for.

All or nothing

All or nothing

In addition to sensual pure design idioms, the overall overall appearance is one of the main attributes of the Mercedes-Benz design. In other words, from any angle, every detail needs to form a harmonious whole with a high level. The designer intentionally created detail from zero. For this, for example, the light behind and the modern headlights, its impressive graphics provide elements of recognition to Mercedes Benz. They lend face and personality to a golf car. The headlamp uses LED technology and guarantees sudden bad weather and good visibility in the dark.

Future sublime origin

Golf cars confidently declare the origin of the label “Mercedes – Benz Style”. This marks a side sill panel, which is a wide lounge chair where passengers are sitting, markedly on the rear spoiler and takes the form of a badge in the arched trim section of the instrument panel support. The front section and the steering wheel have a logo of Garia, and the rear end has Garia’s famous letters.

Range of up to 80 kilometers

Technically speaking, the golf car has a unique function and is approved for use on-road in the United States. For this purpose, all required functions such as turn signal, head lamp, rear light are equipped.

A typical double wishbone suspension of a sports car guarantees comfortable driving characteristics and light and accurate handling on all surfaces. This gives a compact golf car (length 2350 mm, width 1200 mm and height 1720 mm) 5.2 m tight turning circle. Golf cars drive very smoothly on both golf courses and metalworked roads.

The electric motor of the Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Gallia Golf Car has 3 kilowatts of output, but it can also use up to 11 kilowatts in a short period of time. This is enough to give an acceptable payload to a 440 kg ride to 460 km of sporty acceleration and dominate the maximum speed of 30 km / hour in the range up to 80 km. Lithium-ion battery charging time is 6 hours. The vehicle is braked by the front disc brake.

Garia originally built two driving examples of the show car. Market and potential customer reactions are incorporated into the production of every series. This progressive golf car is scheduled to be sold primarily via digital channels. Susanne Hahn says: “Vehicles can be virtually virtually virtually virtually no matter where you are at a dealer or golf course, you can see the car at the tablet and you can order with 3 clicks.