Miniature golf near me – Best mini golf course in everystate

Miniature golf  is also called mini golf, crazy golf, or put pad, offshore golf sports focused only on the pat side of the parent game. It is done in a course consisting of a series of holes similar to parents (usually multiples of 9), but it is characterized by a short length (usually within 10 yards from tee to cup). In this game, artificial putting surface such as carpet, astro surf, concrete, non traditional put line such as bank shot, geometry requiring artificial obstruction such as tunnel / tube, lamp, concrete / metal / glass fiber foam The academic layout is used. Movement obstacles such as windmills. Mini golf keeps many of these characteristics, but if you do not use props or obstacles, it is purely a mini version of the parent game.

Best Miniature golf near me

Best Miniature golf near me

1. Pirate’s Island Adventure Golf, Alabama

Pirate's Island Adventure Golf, Alabama

Pirates Island Adventure Golf is mainly a chain of Florida, you guess it and features adventure course with pirate themed theme. The location of Gulf Shores brings all the coastal fun of Alabama.

2. Mini Golf Fairbanks, Alaska

Mini Golf Fairbanks, Alaska

Do you want to play the northernmost mini golf course? Mini Golf Fairbanks owns the title and is another thing to do under the sun at midnight in Alaska this summer.

3. Cracker Jacks, Arizona

Cracker Jacks, Arizona

Cracker Jax in Scottsdale has more than mini golf. This facility is full of fun activities like laser tags and bumper boats. There are 18 hole professional putting course and mini golf option for older children.

4. Golf Mountain, Arkansas

Golf Mountain, Arkansas

Lowell’s Golf Mountain has two courses with challenges and scenes such as waterfalls and flood damage.

5. California Urban pad

California Urban pad

The San Francisco mini golf has become a reality with a unique indoor course Urban putt. Urban put is the only course funded through crowdsourcing.

6. Colorado Journey, Colorado

Colorado Journey, Colorado

Littleton’s Colorado Journey has proven that mini golf in public parks is a wonderful idea. This course will recreate the famous landmarks around the state, such as the Garden of the Gods and the Mesa Verde.

7. Matterhorn, Connecticut

Matterhorn, Connecticut

Switzerland meets Connecticut at Matterhorn in Canton. why not? There are 18 holes, and Switzerland is designed to touch the center of the United States.

8. Golf Down Under, Delaware

Golf Down Under, Delaware

Is it necessary to repair kangaroos this summer? On Thursday evening, I headed to Golf Down Under of Fenwick Island, and I had a good time with Pat and pet. Yes, it is a real kanga.

9. Hollywood Drive In Golf, Florida

Hollywood Drive In Golf, Florida

You are on the mini golf in Orlando is the best, you know that the Universal City Walk Hollywood Drive-In is to increase the golf at the golf course that was a movie theme.

10. Skyline Park, Georgia

Skyline Park, Georgia

How about rooftop mini golf? At the Atlanta skyline park, there is the only course with a view of the city. It is at the top of Ponce market market.

11. Anaina Hou Mini Golf and Gardens, Hawaii

Anaina Hou Mini Golf and Gardens, Hawaii

Finding a beautiful golf course on islands is not difficult, but finding a lush mini golf course is a bit difficult. Kilauea’s Anaina Hou Mini Golf & Gardens is perfect for situations where you can enjoy the views of the tropical gardens and Hawaii.

12. Wahooz Family Fan Zone, Idaho

 Wahooz Family Fan Zone, Idaho

How about a combination of fun of water park, bowling, climbing and mini golf? In Meridian’s Wahooz Family Fun Zone, there is fun time indoors and outdoors. And did you mention the characteristics of the firefighter clothing in the course?

13. Parking Skill Golf, Illinois

 Parking Skill Golf, Illinois

The Par-King Skill Golf in Lincolnshire has a castle, Lady Liberty, Lownmore, Mount Rushmore. The course has 19 mobile obstacles and 7 water features spread to one of the largest and most elaborate courses in the country.

14. Golf Shores Fun Center, Indiana

Golf Shores Fun Center, Indiana

Play indoor or outdoors at Corydon’s Golf Shores Fun Center. The indoor course provides a 3-D version that adds a new dimension to your mini golf fun.

15. Lost Island Adventure Golf, Iowa

Lost Island Adventure Golf, Iowa

Volcanoes, fossils, skull pits in Iowa state? Lost Island Adventure Golf Waterloo, all of which are waiting for summer adventure. Besides golf, there is a water park designed to entertain and cool the audience.

16. Howl in One, Kansas

Howl in One, Kansas

The Great Wolf Lodge in the United States has a mini golf. Kansas City’s Howl in One is a perfect example.

17. Malibu Jacks, Kentucky

Malibu Jacks, Kentucky

Malibu Jack of Lexington enjoys go karts, arcades, mini golf, and enthusiasm. In addition, there are laser tags and pizza, which you can enjoy all day.

18. Louisiana City Pad

Louisiana City Pad

CitiPat of New Orleans surpasses the list of urban administration courses in the public park of 36 holes in Louisiana’s theme and is accessible to facilities.

19. Schooner Miniature Golf, Maine

Schooner Miniature Golf, Maine

Ice cream and mini golf are superb views from the beach. Saco’s Schooner Miniature Golf is a few miles from Old Orchard Beach.

20. Old Pro Golf, Maryland

Old Pro Golf, Maryland

Ocean City will definitely be the capital of mini golf in that country. Old pro golf reigns in the city filled with eye-catching mini golf choices. Old Pro offers both indoor and outdoor courses that you can enjoy with your family day and night.

21. Crystal Caves, Massachusetts

Crystal Caves, Massachusetts

There is ice cream in Crystal Cave of Auburn. Do you think that it must be law? All mini golf courses need to offer ice cream.

22. Royal Oak Golf Center, Michigan

Royal Oak Golf Center, Michigan

At the Royal Oak Royal Oak Golf Center you can enjoy a fun golf practice with your family at the 18-hole mini golf course. The landscape alone is enough reason to pop up for a visit.

23. Can Can Wonderland, Minnesota

Can Can Wonderland, Minnesota

Can Can Wonderland can create a creative and artistic mini golf course at Saint Paul for your purpose. Some of the income from the course and arcade will be sent to the local artist community.

24. Lava Links, Mississippi

Lava Links, Mississippi

Burn out then to the optimal course the Lava Links of Scarlet Pearl casino resort of volcano and challenging holes and Deer Bay building to try during your vacation in your Gulf Coast.

25. Bigfoot Adventure Golf, Missouri

Bigfoot Adventure Golf, Missouri

You know that Branson is all about family fun, do not you? Bigfoot Adventure Golf prove the challenging course that is part of Bigfoot Fun Park featuring vehicles and arcades and the points of the safari exploration truck ride to the Bigfoot Farm.

26. Amazing Fun Center, Montana

Amazing Fun Center, Montana

Coram’s Amazing Fun Center is truly amazing. The park includes a bumper boat, 3D maze and go-kart in addition to a mini golf course with views of the waterfall and Montana.

27. Prehistoric Pat, Nebraska

Prehistoric Pat, Nebraska

Omaha’s prehistoric putt can spend indoors fun indoors with the characteristics of dinosaurs crazy. The sister courses of Elkhorn and Council Bluffs are exchanged for medieval and pirate themes.

28. Rex Center, Nevada

Rex Center, Nevada

Laser tags, golf carts, indoor black light mini golf all create air conditioning summer fun lists for the Las Vegas family at the Rex Center. Plus, pizza!

29. Melunin Fanway Park, New Hampshire

Melunin Fanway Park, New Hampshire

In Litchfield’s Mel’s Funway Park there are batting cages, goggles and arcades in addition to the 18 hole miniature golf course. Of course, please enjoy visiting with ice cream!

30. Congo Falls, New Jersey

Congo Falls, New Jersey

At the Convention Center ‘s Congo Falls, you can enjoy three courses and tons of concourses and competitions, including a course with indoor air conditioning “Lost City”.

31. Hinkle Family Fun Center, New Mexico

Hinkle Family Fun Center, New Mexico

There is something fun for a day visit at Hinkle Family Fun Center in Albuquerque, but golf alone is impressive. There are two courses, both featuring more fun LED lights at night.

32. Whispering Pines Miniature Golf, New York

Whispering Pines Miniature Golf, New York

Who can pass the oldest miniature golf course? Seabreeze ‘s Whispering Pines Miniature Golf is featured in the National Register of historic sights. It opened for the first time in 1930.

33. Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure Miniature Golf, North Carolina

Professor Hacker's Lost Treasure Miniature Golf, North Carolina

Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure Kill Devil Hills’s miniature golf has too good a name. The theme is diamond mining, and the two courses are completed by mining train to the first hall.

34. Pat District, North Dakota State

Pat District, North Dakota State

Glow golf is an enthusiastic topic especially when the temperature rises in the summer and everyone is looking for indoor space for air conditioning and enjoying it. Minot’s Pat district is exactly such a place.

35. Alien Vacation, Ohio

Alien Vacation, Ohio

Alien is certainly not a person taking a holiday in Cleveland’s alien vacation. They seem to emerge from every corner of this indoor 3D course.

36. British Columbia, Oklahoma

 British Columbia, Oklahoma

Since Bricktown is a place in Oklahoma City, it makes sense to have a family’s enjoyment choice in the heart of Brickopolis. Besides 18 holes, there are bungy trampoline, jewelry mining, rock climbing. It is not your average fun center.

37. Oregon Eagle Landing golf

Oregon Eagle Landing golf

Golf at Happy Valley Eagle Landing is its purest form mini golf. It is a challenging putting course for serious golfers. The enjoyment of golf does not end with the mini golf course. There are 27 par 3 golf holes for short game enthusiasts and the hottest new trend football golf.

38. Bushkill Falls Mini Golf, Pennsylvania

Bushkill Falls Mini Golf, Pennsylvania

More than half of the mini golf courses on this list have waterfalls but Bushkill Falls Mini Golf can not surpass real Bushkill Falls mini replicas. That’s what they do with Poconos.

39. Mulligan’s Island, Rhode Island

Mulligan's Island, Rhode Island

Cranston’s Mulligan Island has two 18 hole courses, a volcano, a cave and a sunken pirate ship. This facility also has batting cage, driving range, par 3 hall.

40. Hawaiian Rumble Mini Golf, South Carolina

Hawaiian Rumble Mini Golf, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach is at the destination of the world’s top mini golf. Yes, people come here only for mini golf. Hawaiian Rumble Mini Golf is home to the US Promini Golf Masters Tournament every year.

41. Putz n Glo Black Light Miniature Golf, South Dakota

Putz n Glo Black Light Miniature Golf, South Dakota

Rapid City has Putz · Gro Black Light · Miniature Golf which brings fun light both day and night. The mini golf round will do the perfect indoor activity after the adventure day of South Dakota.

42. Former McDonald’s Farm Mini Golf at Ripley’s, Tennessee

Former McDonald's Farm Mini Golf at Ripley's, Tennessee

Believe it or not, Gatlinburg has the former McDonald’s Farm Mini Golf of Ripley’s. There should be enough fun and surprises for the whole family at 54 holes.

43. Embassy Golf, Texas

 Embassy Golf, Texas

Embassy Golf has over 30 years of experience in San Antonio, ranked as the best mini golf in the city with 18 hole landscapes and surprises.

44. Willows Golf Park, Utah

Willows Golf Park, Utah

Enjoy a round of family golf with a view of North Utah at Willows Golf Park in Providence. This area of ​​Utah is known for hiking, cycling and wildlife observation.

45. Lots-O-Balls Mini Golf, Vermont

Lots-O-Balls Mini Golf, Vermont

Mini golf at Lots-O-Balls Duxbury can enjoy sunbathing at the nearby Camel’s Hump State Park.

46. Parkland Patters, Washington

Parkland Patters, Washington

Tacoma’s Parkland Putter offers four traditional courses with high difficulty. It is ideal for families with many generations of fun and children of different ages.

47. Mountain State Miniature Golf, West Virginia

Mountain State Miniature Golf, West Virginia

Well, we will admit it. Chocolate mousse coffee may be the reason why Beckley ‘s Mountain State Miniature Golf was included in our list. Because mini golf is not always about ice cream, is that so?

48. Vitense Golfland, Wisconsin

Vitense Golfland, Wisconsin

Although par 3 courses, foot golf and batting cage are all fun, it is difficult to stand on top of the three mini golf courses at Madison ‘s Vitense Golfland. There are two outdoor courses and a wonderful indoor landmark course, and putting is half a pleasure.

49. Snow King Mountain, Wyoming’s Mini Golf

Snow King Mountain, Wyoming's Mini Golf

There is only one mini golf course in Jackson Hole. Snow King Mountain’s Mini Golf meets the need for family golf enjoyment with amazing views and summer winds.

There are 51 Miniature golf  places to find places suitable for you to enjoy.