Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail Map in Alabama is the largest golf course construction project ever tried. In the late 1980s, there were two important things in the heart of Dr. David Bronner, CEO of Retirement Systems, Alabama. First, how to effectively diversify the assets of the national pension fund. Second, how will you help Alabama? His philosophy states: “The stronger the retirement system, the better the retirement system in Alabama.”

With that in mind, borrowing the page of the movie “Field of Dreams”, Bronner is not a baseball diamond in Cornfield but a fascinating collection of provincial public golf courses in Alabama.

Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail map

Bronner’s idea was to promote tourism with hot (but clean burning) cars like golf, attract retirees and encourage economic growth within the province. His vision was great – it was really big. “I can not open the window and I am not 18 years old.” Dr. Broner was not considering building only the 18-hole public golf course, so I would like to build 378 holes in 8 spectacular places throughout the state It was.

Bologna started immediately to find a suitable group to plan. To bring the team together for this large project he brought Bobby Vaughan, former director of golf at Tanglewood at NC Clemmons. Vaughan established San Berto Golf Corporation, which develops, constructs, operates and manages 18 golf courses. Vaughn began hiring specialists throughout the golf industry. From that moment, the dream of realizing an easily accessible public golf course combining quality, value and true hospitality has come true.

When you are looking for a person who designs 18 golf courses, please start from the top first. Please definitely tell Robert Trent Jones, Sr., The world’s top golf course architect. With his unparalleled career, Jones designed over 500 golf courses all over the world. Many of them are listed in Golf Digest’s ‘100 Great Golf Course in the USA’. Jones jumped down on this occasion and worked on this project from semi-retirement.

After the final approval was obtained, Vaughn and his staff began the largest golf course construction project that took place at one time in the world at one time. The trail will provide 378 holes extending over 100 miles of golf. The invasion of the equipment moving the earth throughout the state was the same as the bulldozer’s D-Day. More than 700 devices were in operation at a time.

After all eight sites were opened, construction started on two new sites, completed in 2005 and extended the trails to 10 different sites. The Point Clear historic Lakewood Golf Club, after extensive renovation, collected 11 trail sites in total with the latest addition of the trail … 26 Course … 468 Hall!

These are not “made” courses, but everything combines natural terrain. Each was extracted from the land and was not imposed on it. “Trail” will provide a true championship layout that will withstand the testing of time and do big tests of future golf. Rationale: Nobody talks about or learns about simple courses. What kind of lodge in the golfer ‘s heart is a wonderful shot to conquer (severely) a tough hole.

One of the most unique aspects of the trail is the location of the tea. The trail tea marker is fixed to the ability level, not age and sex. This course is designed to measure 4,700 yards from the tournament tee, up to 8,200 yards, up to 12 tea boxes. The course offers a huge amount of flexibility. As a director of golf, “Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail is a wonderful golf experience for anyone, the course challenges the world’s best golfer, but at the same time it will make for a casual start golfer a fun outdoor.”

The philosophy of Sunbelt Golf Corporation was originally to build the world’s most public collection of golf courses and to run as a successful business investment. Indeed, Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail is a dream come true for Alabama people and the world’s golfers. There is no venue in the world where such a golf experience is possible.