Vietnamese golf “shocking” with HIO blow worth tens of billion

In the 2018 Bamboo Airways Takeoff Golf Tournament, golf player Cao Xuan Hung won the grand prize in the tournament worth more than VND 10 billion with an outstanding HIO shot.

The 2018 Bamboo Airways Takeoff Golf Tournament has ended but the tournament’s residual is still for nearly 1,500 international and domestic golfers. On the 7th day of competition, golfer Cao Xuan Hung came from Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City has shocked at the tournament and the golf community in general by the first HIO of the tournament at Hole 11 with a distance of 153 yards. After this hit Hole In One, the biggest prize of the tournament belonged to golfers who first participated in Bamboo Airways Golf tournament to celebrate the upcoming takeoff.

Cao Xuan Hung

Accordingly, he will “hold” the prize with a total value of nearly 10 billion including: 4 Mercedes C Class cars, 1 year free flight throughout Bamboo Airways’ flight network, a series of golf vouchers at FLC’s yard systems Biscom and resort voucher at the resorts of FLC Group and many other gifts from sponsors. The atmosphere on FLC Sam Son Golf Links is very exciting because of the joy of breaking the guts of golfer Cao Xuan Hung and all golfers present at the tournament.

The owner of the Hole In One tournament said he was surprised by the miracle that just happened and highly appreciated the professional organization of the tournament.

Hole In One

Mr. Trinh Van Quyet said: “This time of golf is a great thing, marking the great joy of Bamboo Airways, opening a good start for us to be more ready for the upcoming takeoff. . ”

FLC Group and Asian Tour Group also officially announced the organization of 2019 Bamboo Airways Vietnam Open golf tournament at FLC Quy Nhon Golf Links, which is expected to be released in the second quarter of 2019. This will be a specialized tournament. The first career comes from Bamboo Airways, after two biggest golf amateur tournaments in Vietnam, which were successfully held in August and November this year.

The gathering of the world’s leading professional golfers at the tournament will contribute to promoting the development of this top-notch sport in Vietnam, enabling amateur golfers to have the opportunity to compete with talents. Large capacity, while helping to elevate Vietnam on the map of regional and world golf tourism.