//Who won the BMW golf tournament?
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Who won the BMW golf tournament?

At least, that’s what the weatherman says. Hopefully Phil Mickelson is somewhat bigger than one that fits the recovery shot. Regardless, at the BMW Championship, play was resumed after losing completely on Sunday. And this plan is to finish by trying the third round of the FedEx Cup playoff on Monday. So if you are stuck in the office, please keep the latest score, news, highlights of the last round of Aronimink here. (ET at all times)

2:45 And if you did not think that this finish would make any madness, you were wrong. If the golf channel is abandoned, Johnny Millers begins to suffocate when talking about Keegan’s victory. seriously. Oh, and here reminds me that Keegan did this at the 6th hole:
What a rough day.

2: 39: Unreal. After taking an incredible break, Justin Rose leaves his pad from a short 4-foot fringe and misses his putt. Keegan Bradley boasted over 6 years history on PGA tour, Wow.

2:25: Because Rose is doing the same thing as Bradley did in 18th rule, madness continues. After pulling his drive to the left, his approach goes to the grandstand. But this time the ball bounces back and gets a nice break. Bradley will go a long way with his approach and will move away.

2: 15: He kisses! Wow! Since I saw the rose ‘s pad halfway, I wrapped around the hole and jumped out.

Brutality. That means he will go to playoff with Keegan Bradley. In addition, it means that it is the first time in the official world golf ranking to win 2nd in the solo and advance to 1st place. But both Bradley and Rose ended up going crazy with the 18 year old momentum following both birdies of 18 and 17 years old.

2: 13: Xander Schauffele’s birdie game is running in the sense that we will be two players with a chance to win at Aronimink. Justin Roses faces 15 feet for victory. . .

2: 10 The fight of the 18-year-old leader continues because rose’s chip is about 15 feet short. Meanwhile, Xander Schauffele faces a pad of the same length as the birdie, and there is a possibility to be forced to playoff of three people playoff with Rose and Keegan Bradley. . .

2: 06: Please take a break, people. This is not over yet. His approach is approaching 18. To win the regulation he needs to get up now. . .

2: 01: Bradley’s pat never has a chance. He is tapping with the closing and a total of 20 under par. At No. 18 fairway Justin Rose now needs a par for victory only. Xander Schauffele may be forced to playoff at the 18th fairway with a birdie.

1: 59: After dropping from the grandstand, Bradley hits a chip shot. He has about 8 feet left in his par. Rose enters tee 18 and finds a fairway with a difficult finish hole. Xander Schauffele made a long birdie at the age of 17 and found himself in the mix after becoming 19 years old. But to get the chance, Bradley’s bogey will be needed. . .

1: 55: The 18th hole of Keegan Bradley is an adventure. After Bradley took the tea, he blew his approach from the lie of the mud into the stand on the green. Meanwhile, Justin Rose took 17th for Birdie at 17th. For now.

1: 43: Keegan Bradley makes a back-to-back birdie at 16 and 17 and sees (short) two leads lead. Many things have been made for Tiger Woods’ five year victorious drought, but Bradley’s own drought dates back just a year ago. But it will not be easy. The moment after Bradley’s latest birdie, Rose put the 16th birdie back into the body. And Bradley, one of the best drivers of the golf ball on the tour, hit Pulfock at the 18th hole. stay tuned. . .

1: 27 Tiger Woods has dropped to 65th place at 18th hole and 1st place at 17th place. It will be another high finish for the 14 major champions but it is another urgent call to end this indefinite drought that lasts more than five years. Putter clearly put him back this week. Woods is second in the field of strokes at this time, but he has acquired tea in green, but he is only 31st. He will be absent for a week in order to understand which of the three putters was used in the first three FedEx Cup playoff events he will bring to the finale at East Lake.
1: 23 Billy Horskel decided a 2-bird birdie with 16th place and took the lead again by 19th place. Meanwhile, the birdie of Xander Schauffele was ranked 15th in 18th and it was difficult to draw within first place.
1: 09: You can never believe this, but Tiger gave blows at 17 and 17 at 12 feet. . . Missed Woods will remain in 18th place in 5th place in a day and 17th place in a week, but that alone is inadequate. In the lighter cup, on a bright side, he will be a dangerous four players if he keeps driving like this in Paris in two weeks.

1: 02: After a poor tee shot, Billy Horskel leads a difficult 15th place and drops off its tie. What is happening at the present time is as follows.

1 t. Justin Rose (-19)
1 t. Keegan · Bradley (-19)
3. Billy hosel (-18)
4 t. Tiger Woods (-17)

12: 53: Tiger Woods finally made a pat with an overwhelming length with a birdie from about 15 feet at 16th Par 5. However, Justin Rose, Billy Horskel, and Keegan Bradley still have two strokes remaining. He is fifteen feet in his par 3 with 14th.

12: 33: After doing the perfect shot twice with par 4 of 15th minute par 4 which is the most difficult course, Woods escapes from the inside of 9 feet badly. Meanwhile, Justin Rose turned Short 12 birdie putt to number 19. Woods plays three backs and three. Billy Horskel and Keegan Bradley remain 18 years old.

After all it seems you may see an interesting sub-plot of Jordan Space. Spieth missed the birdie at number 18 and took two over 73 and finished at 3 under. He is currently T-54 in the tournament, more importantly, it is expected to be 31st in the FedEx Cup standings table. For the moment it is that Spieth is not eligible to participate in the tour championship in two weeks. In addition, he does not add a new tournament to the schedule and faces a (possibly impossible) possible stoppage in order not to start 25 PGA tours. Spieth was counting on making it a minimum number in East Lake.

12:18: It is very likely for the Tiger who has the momentum. Slightly behind the 14th tee, he found a green bunker and did not get up or down. Bogey may return him to 16 years old and have the possibility of winning this by finishing everything. That is to say, the wind is picking up at New Town Square. . .

12: 05: BANG! Tiger Woods is still working on this problem. Woods falls within the range under lead and 17 in lead with a 10 foot roll for 13 birdie.

11: 58 BTW: Are you digging a Tiger backward red sweater? You are not alone

11: 47: Justin Rose and Zander Schaeffle Birdie, Par 5 is ninth in the final group. Meanwhile, the partner, Rorie McLaoy, who is playing, picks up another parc despite being above the green by two people. Let’s take a look at the top of the leader board:

1 t. Justin Rose (-18)
1 t. Keegan · Bradley (-18)
1 t. Billy hosel (-18)
4 t. Gender Schaeffere (-17)
4 t. Webb Simpson (-17)

11: 32: Scoty Cameron buys back 5 feet for birdie with 11th place. Yet, Woods, which has returned to 16 under, will need to be at least 20 under in order to get a chance. His last seven holes. He now is Billy Horuskel and Keegan Bradley’s two strokes, making No. 9 his own 5 feet for a birdie.

11: 25: After having bogey at the 10th hole, Tiger almost dunked the approach shot at 11th fastest. You should play birdies to return to number 16 (though important), but he will need more. Stretch on this packed leaderboard. What helped me is that the last groups of Justin Rose, Rory McQuroy and Zander Schaeffere only pass through the eighth hole.

11: 21: Billy Horskel Birdie makes Par 5 the ninth and becomes the first player until 18 years old. Horskel is aiming to win the 5th PGA Tour, will be 30 years old.

11: 14: The ugly hole for a tiger ends with his first bogey of the day. Woods found his right fairway bunker from tee 10 and just hit his approach away from the top of the pond and green. At the age of 17 he played two strikes behind a trio player (Justin Rose, Billy Horsker, Keegan Bradley).

10: 57: After two big hits, Tiger finds a green front at the 5th hole, but his Washpat passes through the hole 8 feet. Woods reaches 16 in a lead’s stroke with his birdie pads running out. It is outgoing 31 of Woods, so that he puts himself (yet) again to earn the first victory at the recent return. He put Justin Rose and Billy Hosel on a leaderboard with a star.

10:40: Woods takes a birdie putt to par 3, 6 feet below 8 feet. Meanwhile, in three consecutive birdies, Billy Hosel joined Justin Rose at the age of 17.

Horushell received this event in 2014 and won the tour championship to become the most amazing FedEx Cup winner since the playoff began in 2007.

10:30: none of the leagues are still stagnant, but there are 14 golfers at the bottom of 17 under and 3 battings of Justin Rose. The PGA tour with Aronimink soaked the tea about 400 yards above. However, temperatures below 60 ° C, 15 mph wind and juicy rough are a bit more robust than the first 3 days.

10: 15: Tiger is about 6 feet approaching to No. 7 and No. 8. . . Miss the birdie pad. Badly. “This is the type of putting he always made of prime,” Johnny Miller says. What did people say when he overlooked the prime minister with a simple putt? Anyway, he left two shots, but that was a waste opportunity.
10: 00: Tiger Woods will show chipping to the birdie at par 6’s 6th hole, the golf channel will be broadcast just on time.

2nd consecutive birdie, 3rd hole threw Woods from T-11 to T-4 at the third hole. He is just two shots behind Justin Rose now.

9: 53 Justin Rose performs a bounce back birdie at the second hole, chipping from the back of the green and returning to number 17 under the solo lead. If an Englishman wins, he will move to the top place in the official world golf ranking for the first time.

9: 51 Tiger Woods took fifth place at the 3rd hole in the 16th game, proceeding to the 2-under and 14-under tournament of the day.
9:40 Justin Rose gave up the first hole, Oh boy, did the leader board get clogged? Let’s see things:
1 t. Justin Rose (-16)
1 t. Chandelle Shuferre (16 years old)
1 t. Tommy Fleetwood (-16)
1 t. Rory McIlroy (-16) 5 t. Ricky Fowler (-15)
5 t. Keegan · Bradley (-15)

9: 33: Rory Massiloi misses 15 feet for a birdie in the first hole to start the final round. McCarroy entered the day we got in second place, and we made a hit to Justin Rose, the leader of the whole night all night long. Although it was a somewhat disappointing season for the fourth major champion, it was in the position to claim / steal the second FedEx Cup, winning the second victory of the season. In addition, this week he has asked for a cryopreservation room of $ 20,000 for everyone on the Teamas Bjorn mischief phone, the rider cup captain, this week he became the winner.

9: 21: Tommy Fleetwood opens at a birdie, and Justin Rose’s lead is advanced at a stroke. Fleetwood has a 62-year-old back to back and is in a great position to win the title of its first PGA tour.

9: 10: After Woods has missed a 9-foot birdie, Tiger 59 watch cools down in the second hall. The 14 major champions returned to Scott Cameron’s putter but won 13 majors before the tournament. It looked like a genius stroke after its opening 62. But after winning more than two strokes on Thursday Woods has been a negative stroke gained in green since. It is disappointing because the batting of the ball was fantastic with the first three legs of the FedEx Cup.
9: 5: If you are wondering how you can see the final round, the golf channel will show live coverage from midnight. In other words, you have about an hour to complete all the work of the day. Also, at least half of the 69 players need to end today’s round, or it will return to the 54 hole tournament. In that scenario, Justin Rose will win. We think that Monday’s unexpected fine weather windows feel as bad as any other people.

8: 53: Tiger Woods has returned to the 59th time! So he played only one hole, but a birdie (he rolled at 12 feet of No. 1) is a good start. In fact, he is told that it may be necessary to actually leave number 59 to win this thing. In fact, Data Golf calculated the possibility of Woods’ 35% victory. If he shoot 59.

So you say you have a chance. . . Anyway, Woods will move to No. 7 behind Justin Rose and No. 13 under Thailand’s Thailand.