NEWTOWN Square, Pennsylvania. – It is a new body trying to regain old emotions.

Tiger Woods avoided the swing coach, saw the tape of his old acts, and started this resurrection. He stuffed with axles and lofts and tried to find something familiar. And he came back to a sentimental relationship with his Scotty Cameron Pate artist, he is a reliable club where he won 13 of his 14 major.

Woods finally puts it together with 62 in BMW

But it’s not just swing and equipment, Woods walks memory lane. The score also became very familiar.

On Thursday at the BMW Championship, Woods did 7 birdies, Eagle went out at 29 and shot 8 under 62 – at least one of the open rounds – will share leads during 19 years – with Rory Massiloiro

Woods is the perfect ring that has been waiting forever. He uses a driver as a weapon and explodes a tee shot with a carriage or a bunker. He kept a sharp razor on the desk, lacking only blue and ranked on the field near the hole. After the third putter switch for several weeks, he finally saw some throws at Aronimink.

It was the first time we shared leads after the round since the second round of the Wyndham 2015 championship.

“It is not special, some will go out,” said Ricky Fowler who shot 65 men with Woods. “I think it’s just a golf round, he hit some amazing shots a few near. It’s funny.”

Mallet Putter After experimenting with Taylor Made and Blade, I decided to make a switch on his Cameron Putter Tuesday and Wednesday night at the practice round of Woods’ practice nineteen holes.

Even when he was preparing for Cameron in the past it was never far from his heart. He said that he was constantly stroking the stick with green in the backyard, seeking familiarity.

“I hit hundreds of millions of donkeys,” he said. “I have had it since 1999. My body just remembers it, it feels just like me.

So please do not drive her now.

To start the playoff, Woods added a loft level to his TaylorMade M3 driver and replaced it with a model that used the drive shaft for many years.

That brings about a big difference. Most of the time in the season, after running on all the maps, Woods is settled in the groove on the outside of the tee. He surpassed the table on the 20th: he overtook the tee in the New Jersey playoffs, a solid week in Boston a big stick a week ago followed.

Everything but two of his drives moved over 300 yards around four hot and sultry holes. He hit nine of the 14 fairways and just missed a few steps.

“This year, my body has changed a lot since the beginning of this year, it was a moving target, I do not know what I can do.” My speed, my rotation, many different things developed throughout the year, It got better. My hands have feelings: Oh, that’s familiar. It is a well-known inflection point. That is the familiar vibration of the shaft.

“This is all I have ever felt, but now I am in a position to be able to do it again.”

The next test is whether he feels victory again.

He has countless opportunities to win this year, but he has not confirmed the contract due to wrong drive, missing motive, serious spiritual problems. Almost all players have pushed his body to the limit as of this season, especially Woods who does not know how long he will hold. Instead, he started on the 17th. It is only the third time since 2005.

Although it was missing on vacation, Woods decided to skip the fourth quarter and decide his career for the first time if only one day. The reasons are simple: you need to save energy, especially using a heat index that rises to 100 degrees here.

Old Tiger runs six miles to cool after a low lap but now he likes treatment and ice bath after four surgeries.

This new body may not be able to reproduce his previous achievement, but the past Thursday’s explosion shows that it is still enough to win.