Golf Gambling (Betting Games And Side Bets)

If you love playing golf, you would be happy to know that you can make a pretty penny off golf gambling. There are numerous forms of betting games and side bets associated with the sport. As the list is endless, you’ll always find ways to make money.

That is why we’ll be discussing the best forms of golf-related betting. It is a favorite among those who both play and don’t play the sport while also being a great way to make money. You can bet as much as you want while getting entertained by the ongoing match.

By the time this article is done, you’ll be amazed at the assortment available. Lets take a look at the most popular golf side betting games.

1. Bingo Bango Bongo

When it comes to the best ways to spend your money, this betting game is the easiest. It makes it fun to play as you can easily follow the rules.

In terms of how it works, it is a points oriented form of betting.

You’ll be divided into different groups. There could as many people as you want. The team that gets the most points is the winner, and the points are gained by reaching milestones within each round.

The milestones are called “bingo-bango-bango”, and they’re code for the activities below.

  • Bingo: Have a player in your team be the first to get the ball in the green
  • Bango: Have a player in your team be the first to get the ball near the pin when it’s on the green
  • Bango: Have a player in your team be the first to get their ball into the hole on the green.

Usually, you assign a value to the shots and the team that gets the most points wins the cash price. The points are added up, and the difference is paid out to the winners.

When playing the game, any golfer can take part in it. However, If you think about it, handicappers have a greater chance of earning points as they can easily reach bingo and bango points.

2. Round Robin

Along with the above, this is one of the easiest forms of golf-related betting.  Unlike bingo bango bongo, you play exclusively in one team.

The team must have 4 players, and they can be any type of golfer. The players work in pairs, dueling each other to win points.

Usually, the pairs rotate every 6 rounds so that each member in the team gets to pair up with each other.

So, if group 1 has players W,X,Y, and Z, then for:

  • Round 1-6 : W and X vs Y and Z
  • Round 7-13 W and Y vs X and Z
  • Round 14-21 W and Z vs X and Y

You can pick the partners at random if you want to be most fair, but you can do it any way you want.

With that out of the way, the team that wins the 6 rounds will win a decided amount. However, they will only get the sum if they succeed in 2/3 matches.

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3. Garbage Or Dots

It is an accumulation of many types of wagering. There are no predetermined ways to wager your money: it is all up to you. As you can guess, this is why it’s called “garbage”, because it is a pile of random bets.

Usually, it takes place with only one team. This can consist of as many members as you want, and whoever hits a designated milestone wins a point. Thus, the player with the most points gets the cash at the end.

Since there are no regulations on the bets you can make, it is up to you. Some examples that are popular are:

  • The first player to get their ball on the green gets a point
  • Hitting a ball closest to the pin is another point
  • Getting the ball into the hole on the first try is a point

The amount that is wagered is up to the players. However, for each point, a large amount is usually not wagered as the game consists of numerous small bets.

4. Las Vegas

This is one of the most dangerous types of wagering in the golf world because it is very easy to lose money, even if you play well. Because of this, the game is called “Las Vegas” and it truly is a gamble.

To play it, you need two teams, each with two players. The pairs play on the same hole, getting their final scores added up.

The scores aren’t really added together, which makes this game so dangerous. For example, if team A had players X and Y and  X got a 2 while Y got a 9, their results would be strung together to make 29.

If team B had players D and C and D got a 4 while C got a 2, the results would be 42, making them the winners of the match.

As you can see, team B wins here even though they scored the lowest.

Usually, $1 is wagered for 1 point. So, if team A got 29 points and team B got 42, it would be 13 points in the end. Thus, X and Y earned $13.

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5. Nassau

The Nassau is easily the most recognized form of golf betting in the world. It is the standard and takes place in a tournament setting.

The game takes place in rounds: in total, there are 3.

When you win a round, you get a prize. Usually, it is money, but it is common for other objects to be wagered in Nassau too.

The first round is the nine, the second is the back nine while the last is called the 18-hole round.

If cash is wagered for each round, not a lot of money is used. Usually, it is $2.


Golf can be a lucrative sport as it allows for many forms of betting. The wagering is highly addictive as it comes with the entertainment offered by the game. Because of this, you’ll find many golf players who love to gamble.

Hopefully, you will be utilizing the mentioned information and venturing into the world of golf betting soon.



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