How many times did Obama play golf?

How many times did Obama play golf? – Former President Barack Obama was frequently abused by Republicans and discreet critics about how often he chose to play golf while taking office. Mr. Obama who chose golf as an outlet for the president’s glass cage took a weekend and a vacation in eight years, he was the supreme leader.

In total, according to CBS News reporter and presidential historian Mark Knoller, President Barack Obama made 333 golfs during the President. That means that Obama played golf for 1665 hours of his presidential election. Officially, it was 55008 hours. In other words, Obama played golf for 3% of the time he was President.

Of course, that means that he was doing other things, including doing presidential work, 97% of the time. Spend time with his family, including his two children; as much as possible while human beings are doing the hardest work on earth they are in a normal state of humans.