What does MDF mean in golf?

What does MDF mean in golf? – In the Florida Ponte Vedra Beach championship, John Larm was knocked out in the tournament on the 3rd, but only 5 goals on Saturday games stopped.

Lam featureed six bogeys and three doubles with 10 over 82 on Saturday. When he stumble he dropped him to the MDF.
What does MDF mean in golf?

That was a question asked by many people on Saturday’s social media.

The acronym MDF means “it was cut off, it did not complete”, and since it was used for the first time in the January 2008 scoreboard, there is room for debate. This term is due to injury or other reasons.

What does MDF mean in golf?


Traditional professional golf tournaments are composed of 4 rounds. After two rounds of playing, the playing field dramatically decreases. Normally, the top 70 players including the tie cuts and plays the 3rd and 4th rounds. Players who ended outside the top 70 will not return home after finishing the cut without playing over the weekend.


In the 3rd round and 4th round, 70 top finishers including Thailand are qualified on the weekend so more than 70 players can easily participate. This excess number can lead to tee scheduling problems as tournament organizers have to deal with more golfers than they expected.


The MDF rule stipulates that the cut score will fall to the next available score if more than 78 players compete in the last two rounds. These golfers will receive annotations of MDF next to the name of the official scoring of the tournament. They each acquire a part of the tournament’s purse, but do not continue playing. This rule is criticized by media and experts, media and experts claim that the players who do the cutting can continue.

After analyzing the data up to 2008, the PGA Tour formulated this rule. In the past 12 year tournament, despite the recommended cutoff of 70, 78 golfers or more were cut at 136 events. A qualified person despite lacking a cut is not a serious threat to win the tournament. You can easily remove these players from the competition.

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